Kids' Zone with Pirates Clubhouse

2015 Kids Zone:
Enjoy meeting real pirates roaming the festival!   Seafair Pirates and Olympia Pirates with famous pirate: Hurricane will be sure to delight!

Kitsap Child Care Presents: Children Games and Learning!
•    Play: Sensory Seek & Find
•    Play: Color Matching
•    Play: Playdough/GAK/Foam Games

New Life Assembly Presents:
•    Face Painting
•    Learning Games

Hudson Photography
    Have your picture taken by professional photographer: Rex Rudee and associates from Hudson Photography Artistry!
•    Pirate Theme Photo Booth

•    Dixon Woodworking: Built to order computerized Pirate Ship Clubhouse

  • On Display for Sale: Pirate Ship
  • Own Your Own: Built to order computerized Pirate Ship Clubhouse
  • A Pirate Ship takes about 3 weeks to build.
    They are all custom built. The ships can be made with a swing-set, slide and a gang plank walk.
    The ship houses a miniature computer. Our son-in-law developed the software system which does the sound effects and music. This was made to be customized and programmable, thru a USB stick using normal mp3 files. The customer makes the choice of what their ship will sound like.
    We chose to use marine grade mahogany. It is extremely strong, very durable and will withstand the weather. It is built to last and no splinters for the little pirates.
    The ship pieces will fit through a small gate opening and if you move simply unbolt and take it with you. It can be put inside or outside .Are you searching for the Ultimate outdoor play structure? Set sail on one of our ships. You can fire the cannon, dance to pirate music, sword fight, steer the ship, sort the loot or keep a look out from the upper deck! This ship is built to last. Made from marine grade mahogany. Our ship comes with a miniature computer for sound effects and music, which you can customize thru a USB stick, using normal mp3 files.  With plenty of space for the whole family to play on.  It's every little pirate's dream! This ship will fit through a small opening (24" minimum) and can be put indoor or out.